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  • Syberia 3 is an adventure game that's still in development by Microïds, and it's going to be released on April 20 in Europe and on April 25 in North America in 2017. Syberia 3 will be released for the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Syberia 3 is the continuation of the popular Syberia series that has several steampunk elements and the series follows an American lawyer called Kate Walker as she goes on an adventure while traveling across both Europe and Russia.
    Syberia 3 will once again be done by the brilliant Benoît Sokal who's imagination will show as a brand new adventure with new environments and exciting new characters. Kate is found dying on the edge of a river after she abandoned the island, but thankfully the Youkole tribe finds her and takes care of her, saving her life. The Youkole tribe are a nomadic tribe that migrates with their snow ostriches. They are all stuck in the Valsembor village, and now they must work together to find a way to continue their journey without getting caught by their enemies and while also avoiding obstacles. Kate's past is also catching up to her, which will make things even more difficult.
    Syberia 3 will show you an immensely enchanting and strange universe that's full of life and available for you to explore and discover, in 3D!
    The various characters that you will meet will captivate you and show you just how immersive a tale from Benoît Sokal can be.
    Syberia 3 will have a completely new tale that will be entirely different from the other two Syberia games. The storytelling in the game will be immensely immersive, and coupled with Benoît Sokal's unique artistic direction, it will make a truly special gaming experience. This will be the first time the players get to experience Benoît Sokal's epic universe in 3D. Syberia 3 will feature an original score by Inon Zur, the guy that made music for epic titles like Syberia 2, Fallout, Dragon Age, and Prince of Persia. Syberia 3 will feature unique and original real-time 3D puzzles.

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